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Hybrid Tops
Poplar Burl Hybrid Top.jpg

Combination of resin and figured woods. We provide various dimensions, also we accept custom orders without limitations. There are hybrid tops, body blanks and fretboards! 
For more informations and ideas for a custom order be free and contact us! 

Billets for tops and body blanks
unnamed (1).jpg

Billets for tops, mostly coming in dimensions 600x200x50mm. From one billet it's possible to get 2 to 3 bookmatched drop tops or one carved top, as well we have Explorer sized billets for tops!  Body blanks usualy come at one piece 600x400x45 and 50mm thickness. For more informations, body and top options be free and contact us! 

Bookmatched Tops

Bookmatched tops mostly coming in dimensions 600x400x13 and 10mm thickness.

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